We PRINT on Balloons Your Message - your face - your logo Less expensive than you think. A great promotional tool. Minimum order 100.
We print your Logo on Balloons
Balloons for Business Promotions
Balloons - do you need them?
Three reasons why you may benefit by adding balloons to your planned event, function, ceremony or promotion. 1.  BALLOONS - add a pervasive sense of fun and excitement to any event.  Colour selection, size, type and spacial arrangement all play a part. 2.  BALLOONS - are an inexpensive way to ‘brighten’ a ‘dull’ venue. Balloons are an “art form” and can be used in many ways 3.  BALLOONS - are a “marketing magnet” - balloons attract people. Two of Australia’s best merchandisers, Woolworths and Telstra, know this and use them in repeatedly.
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