WOW have a lot of experience in presenting spectacular events.  Let us guide you on how to deliver the best value for your dollar! You will get the best value from our services if you contact us early in your planning process. Contact us now!
Event theming to a budget


To keep the cost of decorating and presenting YOUR event to a minimum - you need to consider ... 1.  Possible venues - indoors or outdoors - if outdoors, a “Backup bad weather Plan B”.  Sometimes it is best to fully develop your event presentation format, before deciding on the best venue. 2.  The labour input - planning, preparation, event set-up on the day, pack-down after the event and cleanup. 3.  Delivery and collection of hire items to your event venue. 4.  The scale of what you want to achieve and the expense outlay required. 5.  Possible restrictions or limitations - available power limitations, permits or licences, access and parking etc. Do you plan to Do-it-Yourself (DIY) or hire WOW to do it all for you. Events that are planned for business or promotional purposes need to be done well to achieve their objectives.
WOW can tailor almost any event theme to suit your specific budget needs. In designing and presenting an event - you basically get what you pay for (in time or money)!  The more you pay, the more elaborate your result.  That does not mean an event has to be expensive to be a success.  And it does not mean there are not innovative ways to drive your dollar further. Your first decision should be - how much do you want to invest in time and money to deliver your event.  Wow have a lot of experience in presenting spectacular events.  We know how to get maximum value for your input dollar.  We can deliver the best value, if you tell us at the beginning - the upper limit of the amount you want to spend.
Every event is different, the cost depends on the venue, the number of people attending and the event objectives. Asking “How much to run a Casino Night” is like asking “How long is a piece of string”.
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