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All the fun of the fair - come and play at your own private Beachside Carnival. Ideal for an out of doors event, your guests gather to sip on alcoholic snow cones and nibble on popcorn and fairy floss, dispensed from a traditionally garish carnival stand. 4 metre tall flags and flashing lights, in all the colours of the rainbow, entice everyone into the hurly burly of sideshow alley.   Try your hand at clowning and balloon animals (tuition provided) or take a lesson in hand/eye coordination from the roving juggler.  Nominate executives for the Dunking Machine or challenge your guests with Archery, the Balloon Bust, Moving Clown Heads, the Duck Pond, Gladiator Duel or Horizontal Bungy - prizes are all included.  Enjoy the roving entertainers or experiment with an airbrushed temporary Tattoo.
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Sideshow Alley - A great night of fun Sideshow Alley - Archery tuition Sideshow Alley - Pop a balloon - win a prize Sideshow Alley - Moving head Clowns Sideshow Alley - central dining area Sideshow Alley - Roving Entertainers Sideshow Alley - Roaming Juggler

Sideshow Alley

Sideshow Alley - Pluck-a-duck on water
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