OC.6 Ballroom - Wedding Reception - Black & White
Opal Cove Resort offers three main indoor function areas ... The Ballroom - which can be further sub-divided.  Opals -  an intimate choice for Dinners and Receptions.  The Ocean View Foyer - suited to Trade Shows, Exhibitions etc.  In addition there are extensive grounds with a Lagoon setting suited to Wedding or other Ceremonies.

Venue Opal Cove Resort

Functions at Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour, NSW
OC.8 Ballroom - Themed Conference Dinner OC.7 Opals - Wedding Reception - Silver & Floral OC.11 Opals - Wedding Reception - Silver with Red Haze OC.13 Ocean View Foyer - Big Party Fun! - Conference Themed Dinner OC.9 Opals - Classic Setting in Blue Satin OC.12 Ballroom - Formal Dinner - Theatre Theme OC.4 Opals - Formal Dinner in Indigo OC.10 Opals - Wedding Reception in Soft Lemon OC.2 Ballroom - Country Energy Award Dinner OC.5 Opals - Wedding Reception - Moss Green OC.3 Opals - Wedding Reception - Black & Silver OC.6 Ballroom - Black & White OC.1 Opals - Classic in blue
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OC.9 Opals - Classic Blue Satin OC.2 Ballroom - Award Dinner OC.3 Opals - Black & Silver OC.4 Opals - Dinner in Indigo OC.5 Opals - Moss Green OC.1 Opals - Classic in Blue OC.7 Opals - Silver Floral OC.8 Ballroom - Themed Dinner OC.10 Opals - Soft Lemon OC.11 Opals - Red Haze OC.12 Ballroom Theatre Theme OC.13 Ocean Foyer - Fun! 02 6658 0071  30 Lawson Crescent, Coffs Harbour, NSW Explore Site Map Explore Site Map